Club of entrepreneurs ZLATOROG Celje

Klub podjetnikov ZLATOROG Celje is a regional club of entrepreneurs and managers, founded on March 20, 1992, at the castle of Mlinarjev Janez at Teharje near Celje. The purpose and mission of the club is to spur entrepreneurship, to spread business relationships, to foster entrepreneurial and managerial cultures, education and to promote sociability among members.

The club has 110 members – the membership has more than doubled since the club’s foundation. There are a variety of activities organised by the club each month, throughout the year, such as professional and educational meetings, cultural and artistic rallies, social gatherings and sports events. The guests (speakers) of the club are very prominent people from the Slovenian economy and government; i.e., managers, academicians, ministers and secretaries of state, etc. The President of the Republic of Slovenia and Prime minister have also been guests of the club.

An entrepreneurial spirit, creative restlessness, development and innovation are the basic characteristics of the club’s activities. Klub podjetnikov ZLATOROG Celje plays an important role within professional civil initiatives, and is quite respected in Slovenia.

The idea to found an entrepreneurial club occurred to Vladimir Bukvič MSc, who is also general secretary of the club. Initiators of the club’s foundation were Andro Ocvirk, PhD, who was also the first president of the club, Bela Bukvič, the first general secretary of the club, and Mirko Kranjc, who suggested the name of the club.

The current president of the club is Franc Preložnik, and his vice president is Miran Gracer. For many years, the moderator of round tables at the professional meetings of the club was Jože Volfand. Since 2012, the meetings have been moderated by club members, experts in individual thematic areas.

There is also a very active senior division within the club lead by Stane Mele. They have already had 100 meetings.

The club has its own statute and code. The latter sets the rules of the internal life and relationship among the members and defines their ethical standards.

The supreme body of the club is a plenum consisting of all the members. The plenary meeting must be convoked at least once a year. It confirms the annual working plan, financial plan, annual report, income statement and balance sheet. At the meeting, members discuss and confirm the reports of the individual bodies of the club, confer the titles “deserving member of the club” and “honorary member of the club,” confirm the statute and code, elect the members into the individual bodies of the club, etc.

The executive body of the club is the Forum. It counts 13 members, who are elected by plenum for a period of three years. The Forum has also nominated a Programme Committee lead by Katja Esih.

Financial performance of the club is controlled by a Supervisory Board lead by Henrik Dvoršak.

An Arbitration Court controls the execution of the code and potential violations of the rights and duties stated by the statute. Its president is Ciril Bezlaj.

The club is lead and represented by the president of the club.

The general secretary of the club takes care of the professional operations of the club, of the realisation of the working programme and financial plan and resolutions passed by the bodies of the club.

More about the activities of Klub podjetnikov ZLATOROG Celje, one of the most active entrepreneurial and managerial clubs in Slovenia, can be found on its web page